What are the general safety rules when using a wood-fired hot tub?

  • Children must be supervised by adults at all times when using the hot tub. It is forbidden to jump and/or dive into the tub. 
  • Children or objects cannot be seen under a hot tub cover. Entrapment is possible. Keep the cover locked when not in use. 
  • Do not touch the metal parts of the heater (except the heater door and air valve handles) when it is in use. 
  • The water in the hot tub should not be heated too much. The recommended water temperature is 37-39°C and below 37°C for people with heart and circulatory problems. 
  • Take care on the stairs leading to the tub, especially in subzero temperatures, because the water turns into slippery ice quickly. 
  • If there is ice on any surface when walking to or from your hot tub, be especially careful, and wear shoes or slippers with good tread. 
  • When bathing in cold weather, use a cap to avoid catching a cold. Prepare a dry bathrobe or towel nearby within arms reach, and have a quick exit plan to reach your warm house. 
  • People with contagious skin infections should not use the hot tub. 
  • Do not use the hot tub if you feel unwell. Prolonged bathing or bathing in excessively hot water may cause dehydration or even a heat stroke.