General Aquatic Safety

Water recreation is both fun and therapeutic. However, it involves inherent risks of injury and death. To reduce your risk of injury, read and follow all product, package and package insert warnings and instructions.  

For additional safeguards, also familiarize yourself with the following general guidelines as well as guidelines provided by nationally recognized Safety Organizations: 

• Demand constant supervision. A competent adult should be appointed as a "lifeguard" or water watcher, especially when children are in and around the hot tub.  

• Learn to swim.  

• Take the time to learn CPR and first aid. 

• Instruct anyone who is supervising hot tub users about potential hazards. 

• Instruct all hot tub users, including children what they gave to do in case of an emergency.  

• Always use common sense and good judgement when enjoying any water activity.  

• Supervise, supervise, supervise.